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Holiday Desserts Made Easy

Holiday Desserts Made Easy

One of the best ways to celebrate holidays is by sharing a meal with family, friends or colleagues. And what meal is complete without dessert? With a seasonal dessert menu, your restaurant can help guests enjoy the holiday spirit with something sweet. Best of all, you can create these fancy and delicious desserts easily with simple recipes and classic presentations.

How to Serve Holiday Desserts That Look Fancy and Taste Even Better

Holiday desserts are a special treat for customers to enjoy once a year. With the right desserts to impress your guests, you can be confident they’ll come back again and again. The trick to creating fancy desserts is keeping it simple — a minimal yet elegant presentation can spruce up your desserts for every holiday season.

If you want to encourage guests to take a second look at your dessert menu, we have ideas for your new seasonal favorites. Every month, you can prepare easy recipes that look impressive and taste delicious. Check out our seasonal dessert inspiration for these eight major holidays!


Valentine’s Day

As one of the most popular holidays for dining out, Valentine’s Day is all about sweets. The key to this February favorite is a fancy dessert for two. Having a shareable, romantic dessert option will encourage guests to treat each other with more than just a box of chocolates.

An easy dessert idea for Valentine’s Day is chocolate-covered strawberries. These delectable treats are effortless to prepare and can be refrigerated before serving. You can customize a plate of fresh strawberries with red-dyed chocolate, crunchy toppings, edible glitter and more. This crowd favorite also pairs well with a celebratory drink.

And of course, a table for two can rarely resist a chocolate lava cake. This delicious dessert is the perfect dish to serve with two spoons. Garnish the cake to complement your filling, whether it’s peanut butter, caramel, chocolate or raspberry sauce. For even more romance, decorate the plate with a frosted heart or top the cake with a Hershey kiss.

St. Patrick’s Day

Guests can enjoy a casual St. Patrick’s Day celebration with any food or drink item — as long as it’s green! This March 17, you can embrace the luck of the Irish with a holiday-themed dessert. Irish apple cake is a traditional and delicious recipe, complete with streusel topping and fresh granny smith apples. Serve warm with a scoop of ice cream for an even more impressive dessert.

Since nothing says dessert like a milkshake, we recommend a simple mint shake for your St. Patrick’s Day menu. Top each shake with whipped cream and an Andes mint for a classically delicious dessert. OR you can get a Sara Lee Mint Pie from Feeser’s. For fans of something stronger, you can offer Irish coffee topped with heavy cream and chocolate shavings featuring Monin syrups.

Cinco de Mayo

Your restaurant can celebrate the delicious flavors of Cinco de Mayo with unique seasonal desserts. Whether you’re a fan of traditional recipes or want to take a spin on Mexican delicacies, there are many amazing desserts to impress your guests.

Wow your customers this Cinco de Mayo with tortilla-wrapped cheesecake from SweetStreet, an easy-to-prepare dish that melts in your mouth. You can plate this fancy dessert with a side of strawberries or raspberry drizzle to create an elegant look.

Who could forget churros? You can elevate these traditional Mexican desserts with dramatic plating to make this treat even sweeter. Serve these crispy cinnamon delights with chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice cream for your guests’ new favorite holiday dessert.

Memorial Day

Families can follow up their Memorial Day parade with a yummy treat at your restaurant. This summer holiday can bring in large groups, so shareable desserts are a great menu option. You can prepare our easy dessert ideas for this popular long weekend and impress your guests with a meal they’ll want to come back for every year.

Everyone knows fruit salad, but you can serve something unexpected with a unique fruit combination. Pair crunchy pomegranate seeds with frozen berries or diced dragonfruit for a refreshing bite. Serve in a ramekin and garnish with mint or basil for a fancy variation.

Another family favorite is cookie whoopie pies made for the entire table to enjoy. Prep these treats with mini chocolate chip cookies and marshmallow cream filling. Whoopie pies are great desserts to offer guests who want a small taste of something sweet. Serve these little favorites on a shareable platter or as a fancy dessert for two.

4th of July

4th of July celebrations are an opportunity for your restaurant to serve some delicious patriotic desserts. Summer holidays are perfect to debut fresh produce and prepare a sweet treat with nature’s finest. Try whipping up a treat using red, white and blue fruit such as strawberries, bananas and blueberries.

Fruit tarts are a summer favorite. For extra visual appeal, you can pair star-shaped produce with a tart crust to celebrate America’s flag this July. If you’d rather serve a richer dessert, you can plate up strawberry shortcake or blueberry cheesecake. Upgrade these desserts with a simple fruit drizzle or chocolate garnish for an elegant look.


As you approach the fall holiday season, you can begin serving Thanksgiving favorites. Guests will love the familiar flavors of pumpkin, cinnamon and apple in any seasonal dessert throughout November. Your unique take on these recipes will be a classy addition to your dessert menu this fall.

Timeless pumpkin pie is a simple dessert that guests will always love. An above-average pumpkin pie is as easy as topping slices with candied nuts, drizzling caramel or incorporating accents like leaf-shaped chocolates. Making a unique version will show guests how you make the recipe your own and increase the chances of them coming back for more.

For a dessert that your guests may not find at their typical Thanksgiving dinner, you can serve a sliced pumpkin roll. A pumpkin roll is a unique dessert that you can present with anything from powdered sugar to chocolate shavings on top. Guests can enjoy a dessert that looks fancy and tastes great when you get creative with your holiday cooking.


Christmas time has many opportunities to dine out and enjoy a fancy dessert with loved ones, so be sure to put together a holiday menu full of easy recipes that look impressive. With festive flair and gorgeous plating, these desserts can be the gift you give your guests this season.

Pie will always be a holiday classic, and Christmas time is no exception for apple or pecan flavors. A hearty slice of holiday pie alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream or hot caramel drizzle makes an excellent dessert for your seasonal menu. Longtime favorites like pecan pie are easy to prepare and will remind your guests of home.

Christmas fudge is a perfect dessert where a little goes a long way. Create a sampling platter with different flavors of fudge or peppermint bark for an elegant, shareable treat. Spruce it up with simple additions like red and green sprinkles or gingerbread cookies.

New Year’s Eve

Many guests like to celebrate New Year’s Eve with a lavish meal, complete with dessert and drinks galore. Having a strong dessert menu for New Year’s will impress your guests and make midnight even sweeter. Because NYE is all about glitz and glam, we have a few ideas for fancy desserts and drinks to ring in the new year.

A unique dessert menu item is a sweet and savory charcuterie board. Perfect for sharing and, of course, Instagramming, these cheese boards can be sweetened up with fresh fruit, honey or cookies. Charcuterie is all about presentation, so make sure to plate it with a fun design or unusual garnishes like edible flowers for an easy showstopper dessert.

New Year’s Eve is an excellent night for cocktails as well, so make sure your seasonal menu has some winter favorites. Holiday drinks are easy to make, and your kitchen likely has the ingredients to make them fit the occasion. Garnish an espresso martini with coffee beans and a dash of cocoa powder for an elegant dessert drink. You can also entice customers with a festive, eggnog-flavored white Russian.

Impress Your Guests With Ingredients From Feeser’s

Desserts that look fancy can be simple to prepare with the right ingredients. With elegant, minimalist plating and appropriate garnishes, you can take your desserts to the next level. Prepare your kitchen for creating easy desserts to impress your guests when you partner with Feeser’s.

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