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Make Meals into Moments

Make Meals into Moments

Transform meals into moments! Planning themed meals for diners brings fun and engagement into schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. 


Celebrations such as St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, and Cinco de Mayo provide opportunities to get creative. Explore items you may not regularly serve, and use decor and performances to create unique experiences!

For example, pair a Mardi Gras-inspired meal of jambalaya and beignets with colorful beads and a performance from a jazz band (consider reaching out to local high schools!) 

Focus on presentations that add to your theme. On Valentine’s Day, serve foods with festive colors, such as pasta with red marinara and pink strawberry shortcakes. You could also use heart-shaped cookie cutters to create festive sandwiches and treats! 

The Super Bowl is not just a football playoff – it’s a food playoff. Celebrate the right way with classics like buffalo wings and 7-layer-dips alongside football-shaped brownies with white icing laces! Decorate with a green tablecloth to mimic the field and team swag, and you’re ready to serve some tasty touchdowns!


Fictional foods capture the fascination of audiences. Whether they see it on screen or read a delicious description, people want to experience the flavors of their favorite works. 

Movies are great inspirations for unique menus. One experience to offer is an eat-along, where diners get to eat from a special set menu of the food they see on-screen as they see it. 

For example, if you decide to screen Pulp Fiction, you could start by serving a “Big Kahuna” burger as Jules Winnfield takes a bite on screen. Follow that with a $5 shake as Vincent Vega takes a sip, and end the night with pancakes and bacon as the on-screen duo chat over breakfast. 

Of course, you can go without the movie screening and present diners with an inspired menu. A Forrest Gump night could serve a southern classic like fried green tomatoes, shrimp gumbo in honor of Bubba, and an assortment of chocolate truffles like mama used to talk about.  

Books also offer plenty of inspiration for themed meals. Consider serving butterbeer and pumpkin pasties from Harry Potter, or a Mad Hatter-approved tea party spread from Alice in Wonderland!


Plan Your Themed Meals with Feeser’s Food Distributors

When planning themed meals around entertainment, your imagination’s the limit. Do some research on what foods appear in the work you want to focus on, and look through Feeser’s catalog to see how you can bring them from imagination to plate! We can help you get the food productsequipment and supplies you need to make every meal a success. If you live in the mid-Atlantic region, consider letting us be your food supplier by becoming a customer. Feel free to contact us with any questions, too!