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Fast and Festive

Fast and Festive

The most wonderful time of the year comes with the most chaos! Everyone knows the traditional holiday mains: ham, turkey, roast beef–but what about everything else? Feeser’s has you covered on items that bring big holiday flavor while saving you time, plus a few recipes to avoid food waste!


Ready-to-serve appetizers are a great way to take some pressure off the holiday season! Feeser’s has selected some favorites to help you “wow” diners as they celebrate.

Bacon Wrapped Scallops: Impress diners with a classic surf-and-turf hors d’oeuvres, bacon wrapped scallops! These tasty, ready-to-serve appetizers are perfectly balanced between sweet, salty, and smoky flavors. . 

Mini meatballs:  Mini meatballs are a perfect time-saving appetizer. Simply prepare and serve alongside an assortment of dipping sauces, such as marinara, alfredo, or barbecue.

Breaded Mushrooms: Need a tasty appetizer for vegetarian diners this holiday season? Try butter breaded mushrooms! Serve on its own or with a creamy hollandaise for dipping.

Food Waste Tip:

The best way to eliminate food waste? Holiday hand pies! Everyone knows leftovers are delicious as a sandwich, so what could be more delicious than revamping it with another holiday classic–pie crust! Simply fill pockets of pie dough with a mix of leftovers, bake, and serve alongside gravy for dipping. The warm, comforting flavor of these small hand pies make them a great starter for any fall, winter, or holiday meal!


When it comes to the holidays, the mains are the mains–it’s the sides that make the meal special! Here are some staples to keep in mind, as well as some tips on how to change things up!

Green Bean Casserole: Green bean casserole  is a holiday feast favorite. Fresh green beans smothered in a creamy sauce, topped with crispy, crunchy onions; what’s not to love? And, because everyone knows the best part is the crispy onions, make sure to be heavy-handed when topping it off! Or, if you want an adventurous tasty new topping to impress guests, fry up some Idahoan tater tumblers to use as the crunchy element! 

Mac and Cheese: Cheesy, creamy, carby goodness. Go with classic cheddar, mix it up with white cheddar, or get decadent with three cheeses

Scalloped potatoes: What’s more comforting and hearty than slices of potatoes covered in a creamy, smooth sauce, baked to perfection?  Not much. So, add scalloped potatoes to your holiday sides rotation and warm diners up from those chilly fall and winter nights!

Mashed Sweet Potatoes: Savory, savory, savory; what about the sweet? Mashed sweet potatoes balance a holiday meal perfectly, and add a beautiful orange pop. Our tip? Transform it into a casserole by mixing with cinnamon and topping with a crumble made of all-purpose flour, brown sugar, and butter. Add marshmallows if you want extra ooey-gooey-goodness, or chopped pecans for some crunch!

Stuffing: Nothing satisfies that year-round craving for traditional holiday flavors like stuffing! Whether you go classic with chicken flavor, switch it up with cornbread, or make it dietary-friendly with vegetarian, you can’t go wrong with this side.


‘Tis the season of indulgence–so don’t skip dessert! We’ve got just the items you need to satiate your guest’s seasonal sweet tooth.

Pies: Everyone knows the classic holiday pie flavors–apple, pumpkin, pecan–but why not shake things up with some other seasonal flavors? Try cranberry apple, caramel apple nut, or chocolate cream for a decadent twist!

Cakes: The ultimate deserts for celebrations is cake! Go classic with vanilla, chocolate, or serve up some holiday flavor with pumpkin, or an apple pie cheesecake!

Food Waste Tip:

Trifles are easy, quick, and delicious holiday desserts that can help you avoid food waste. These treats are made by layering a cake or pie crumbles with whipped creams, custards, puddings, fruits, and other toppings.

We recommend leftover chocolate cake layered with chocolate pudding and raspberries served in a glass. Or, go all-out on holiday flavor with leftover pumpkin pie layered with fresh whipped cream and toasted nuts! 

Plan Your Holiday Meals with Feeser’s Food Distributors

With Feeser’s supplying everything you need, you can rest assured that you’re ready for this holiday season! We can help you get the food productsequipment and supplies you need to make every meal a success. If you live in the mid-Atlantic region, consider letting us be your food supplier by becoming a customer. Feel free to contact us with any questions, too!