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The MIXER Magazine

The MIXER Magazine by Feeser’s — A Digital Foodservice Magazine

Savor seasonal recipes and gather insight into the latest food industry trends with MIXER Magazine — a must-have digital resource for food industry professionals. Each issue features quarterly food industry resources, seasonal recipes, information about Feeser’s featured products and articles spanning a range of culinary topics.

Foodservice Resources in Central Pennsylvania

Whether you’re the head chef of a Michelin-star restaurant or the culinary supervisor of a health care facility, MIXER Magazine is a quarterly foodservice magazine designed for all industry decision-makers. It’s our mission to keep your menus festive and flavorful. Our experts provide insight into current food market trends and news and offer helpful labor- and time-saving food preparation tips. MIXER Magazine also makes experimenting with trending or seasonal recipes easy, fun and cost-effective.

Craft mouthwatering meals and menus with a wealth of food industry recommendations, resources and articles at your fingertips in Feeser’s MIXER Magazine. Peek inside our latest issue!