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Custom Orders at Feeser's

As an independent foodservice distributor, we can custom order virtually any specialty item you need to set your menu apart from the crowd. We’ll do our best to fulfill even the most unusual requests, whether it’s for local goods such as organic produce and farm-fresh dairy or exotic offerings, including ostrich and alligator.

Serving as your specialty food distributor is just another way we go above and beyond for our clients and friends.

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Why You Need a Specialty Food Order Company

Many foodservice businesses have trouble finding one source for all their food distribution needs. While they may choose one company to service their wholesale food needs, they must find another who specializes in custom orders for unique, hard-to-find items. With Feeser’s, you can get all the products you need under one roof.

By choosing Feeser’s, you will have access to over 8,000 items from national brands to locally sourced produce, seafood, meats, and more. We also offer custom orders for your foodservice business, no matter what your customers are craving.

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The Power of Custom Orders

Our independent status means you receive a unique, personalized ordering experience. We won’t pressure you to buy in-house brands you don’t want, like many of our competitors do. Instead of this old industry practice, we provide special ordering power for all our clients.

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, custom food orders ensure you can create a unique dining experience for all your customers. We offer fresh local produce and dairy products, a curated selection of handcrafted, artisanal ingredients, plus our wild game program gives you access to unique flavors such as bison, alligator, kangaroo, ostrich and more.

If you’re ready to make a custom order, contact a friendly sales associate at Feeser’s. Don’t be afraid to ask for specialty items that are out of the ordinary — we do our best to fulfill requests. Get everything you need to make your kitchen a smashing success by calling us today at 1-800-326-2828.