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Custom Orders at Feeser's

At Feeser’s, we aim to be your trusted food service consultant and business partner. Our custom wholesale food ordering service is fast, convenient and comprehensive. We partner with over 400 regional and local brands to put the freshest, highest-quality foods and ingredients on your tables.

We’re proud to be the independent specialty food supplier in your corner. Our mission is to help you create memorable menus that satisfy customers with various tastes and preferences.

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The Benefits of Working With Custom Food Distributors

If your current wholesale food ordering process is time-consuming, inconvenient and impersonal, consider working with a custom food distributor like Feeser’s. Custom wholesale food ordering offers the following advantages:


You’re not alone if you’ve had trouble finding one source for your wholesale food distribution needs. It’s common for food service businesses to work with multiple food suppliers to supply their wholesale food needs.

However, with Feeser’s, we provide every food and beverage product you’ll need under one roof. We partner with hundreds of local and national food brands to bring you over 8,000 items, including locally-sourced produceseafood, meats and more.

Personalized Service

Our independent status means you receive a unique, personalized ordering experience. For over a century, Feeser’s has provided custom food ordering services to various culinary businesses. We work with our customers to source the best food products and equipment, no matter their unique needs.

If you don’t see the product you’re looking for in our product catalog, let us know! We’re happy to source the food items or ingredients you need to ensure you have the essentials for any dish, no matter what your customers are craving.

Quality Products

Custom food orders ensure you can create a unique dining experience for all your customers. From everyday essential food products and locally sourced ingredients to unconventional flavorings and trendy food items, Feeser’s is your one-stop shop for culinary excellence. We partner with over 400 regional and national brands to bring you the freshest, tastiest choices available and keep your customers coming back to the table time and again.

We also offer fresh local produce and dairy products, a curated selection of handcrafted, artisanal ingredients and a wild game program. Our wild game program gives you access to unique eats that add intriguing flavors to your meals, such as bison, alligator, kangaroo, ostrich and more.

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Why Partner With Feeser’s for Custom Food Orders?

Learn more about what sets Feeser’s apart for hundreds of happy customers:

  • Experienced professionals: With more than a century of expertise, we’re food service experts at Feeser’s. Our dedicated, experienced specialists understand the latest food trends and provide tailored advice for your unique industry or needs to keep your food business ahead of the curve.
  • Superior service: Our customers are our priority — we routinely go above and beyond to provide customer-focused service and meet the highest standards and expectations. Our customer testimonials are a testament to our dedication to honesty, integrity and excellence.
  • Sustainable practices: We’re proud to pioneer sustainable food service industry practices to keep your business profitable and our environment clean. We use a number of different green initiatives to ensure we reduce our collective carbon footprint, including utilizing renewable energy sources when delivering your products to your doorstep.

Contact Feeser’s Today to Learn More About Our Customized Foodservice Distribution Services

For over 100 years, Feeser’s has proudly provided the high-quality products and specialty items Mid-Atlantic foodservice businesses need to keep their kitchens stocked and their diners satiated. If you’re ready to make a custom order, contact a friendly sales associate at Feeser’s. Don’t be afraid to ask for specialty items that are out of the ordinary — we do our best to fulfill requests. Get everything you need to make your kitchen a smashing success by calling us today at 1-800-326-2828.