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Green Initiatives

At Feeser's Food Distributors, we've chosen to take action.

Our world continues to change at a rapid pace. In the face of environmental issues that affect our nation and the planet as a whole, businesses have two options: ignore them and hope they go away, or do something.
As one of the Mid-Atlantic’s top wholesale food service distributors, Feeser’s is leading the way in eco-friendly practices with our green initiatives. This is just one more way we show our commitment to your business and your community.

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An Eco-Friendly Food Distributor

While many businesses have been rethinking environmental practices in the last 10 years, Feeser’s green efforts can be traced back to the late 1970s. It was then that we began looking for better energy conservation methods and waste management practices.

First, we switched to diesel in all our transportation vehicles, as this fuel is far more efficient and emits less pollution. We also changed to ammonia-based freezer and refrigeration systems as opposed to Freon-based, eliminating one of the largest pollutants from our center of operations.

Before the age of recycling centers, we initiated a company-wide recycling program in the early 1980s. We recycled everything we could, from plastic wrap to office paper to green bar computer paper. By 2008, we turned in 200 tractor-trailer loads of recyclable material.

One of our biggest green efforts has been among our fleet of delivery trucks. Getting our customers the products they need when they need them means a lot of miles are clocked. In early 2000, we started using on-board computer systems to store DOT hours of service electronically, eliminating written logs and mounds of wasted paper. Our Omnitracs XRS solution also keeps track of our drivers’ driving habits, so we can address practices that don’t align with our green policies.

Green Trends to Take Us Into the Future

Every step a business takes toward reducing their overall carbon footprint is a step towards a healthier planet. While we’re proud to have pioneered environmentally friendly practices in the food service industry, we’re also committed to carrying that change into the future through current and future green initiatives, including:

  • Reduced grease waste: An auto-lube system injects the precise amount of grease into each machine component, saving both time and wasted lubricant.
  • Reduced pollution: Our trucks have a five-minute idle shut-down system to save on fuel and lessen pollutants emitted into the air.
  • Renewable energy sources: We have been using and testing biofuels in our vehicle fleet for over five years.
  • Heat recovery: Our head garage area, dry warehouse and main office areas are all heated with rejected heat from our ammonia refrigeration system as well as the waste oil from our vehicle fleet.
  • Reduced electricity: By using an evaporative water condenser for our refrigeration system and a water cooling tower for our office cooling needs, we have reduced our overall electricity use.
  • High-efficiency lighting: Our offices and warehouse areas use high-efficiency lighting as well as motion detectors in low traffic areas to automatically turn off lights that aren’t in use.
  • Recycling program: We recycle all manner of recyclable materials including oil and coolant filters, electric bulbs, used batteries, old tires, paper products, cardboard, plastic wrap and more.
  • Transportation calibration: Every 60,000 miles, our vehicles are realigned, which saves on fuel and gives tires a longer lifespan. The use of wide-based single tires when possible also affords us a 5% fuel savings.
  • Better materials: We’ve switched from steel to aluminum wheels that are lighter in weight, run truer and run cooler.
  • Green cleaning: All cleaning supplies used in our operations are biodegradable, including the soaps used to wash our fleet.

Choose Feeser’s as Your Eco-Friendly Food Distributor

With more customers taking notice of environmental issues, it makes sense to partner with a full-service food distributor committed to eco-friendly practices to increase your reputation as a green company.

Contact Feeser’s for more information about our green initiatives and eco-friendly practices. Give us a call at 1-800-326-2828 to speak with a sales representative about how we can meet all your food service supply needs.

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