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The food service industry is continually changing and evolving. While some trends are fads that fade away with time, others provide a healthier outlook for both foodservice businesses and the customers they serve. Today, there is a growing demand for fresh, safe and ethically-sourced food. Organic products give consumers peace of mind that they’re choosing a more eco-friendly, sustainable product that’s both better for them and the environment.

Feeser’s Food Distributors supplies organic food options to customers throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.   We can deliver a variety of products that are both healthy and sustainably sourced.

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Over 100 years ago, we got our start selling fresh, local produce to our clients in Central Pennsylvania. These small beginnings taught us two very important values — always keeping our clients happy keeps us happy, and supplying fresh, natural products is always best. Today, Feeser’s is one of the largest and most respected wholesale food suppliers in the Mid-Atlantic region, bringing your foodservice facilities the most well-known brands and products to keep your daily operations running smoothly.

That’s why we’re proud to include organic options as part of our foodservice delivery programs. We work with vendors committed to sustainable business practices to produce the highest quality organic produce and other specialty organic products. We believe it’s our responsibility to strive toward environmentally friendly practices as we move into the future.

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A major cultural shift has happened in the last decade. More customers are demanding fresh and natural produce and food products. It’s not just healthy food and organic grocers supplying these items. This interest in ethically sourced goods has led to industry-wide changes from mom and pop restaurants to large government-run commercial kitchens.

Along with getting you all the goods you use daily, Feeser’s is also able to deliver a wide variety of natural and organic foods. Whether it’s locally sourced produce, specialty organic frozen products or other more nature-focused items, you can count on us to find the products you need to keep your customers happy.

No matter what type of food service facility you operate, making the move toward organic products will ensure a healthier today and a brighter future.

When you choose Feeser’s, you can feel confident you’re getting the best products to serve your kitchen’s individual needs. While we proudly supply organic products to food establishments up and down the Mid-Atlantic region, we’re also your source for the most popular brands, dairy products, seafood, kitchen supplies and more.

Contact us today to learn how you can include organic goods in your wholesale food order for your restaurant or kitchen. Feel free to give us a call at 1-800-326-2828 to speak with a friendly sales representative.