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Produce Program

Serve your customers their daily dose of fruits and vegetables with a selection of choice produce brought to you by Feeser’s Food Distributors. We’ve got a variety of options from whole to lightly prepped to ready-to-use — everything you need to make fresh and delicious meals.

Feeser’s is proud to be one of the Mid-Atlantic’s top wholesale fruit and vegetable distributors, and we’re committed to supplying your business with the quantity and quality you need for your everyday operations.

Need produce that isn’t grown in your area? We can supply that as well. Feeser’s works with vendors throughout the nation to ensure that we can meet all your produce needs.

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Your Local Produce Supplier

Way back in 1901, Feeser’s got its start as a produce stand in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Selling choice fruits and vegetables and building a rapport with our customers helped us learn the value of hard work and customer service.

After more than 100 years of service, we know a thing or two about the importance of high-quality produce that’s consistent, fresh, and delicious.

A Variety of Produce Options

From everyday salad staples to specialty items that highlight the flavor profiles of your menu, your kitchen runs on produce.

We stock a variety of produce options, from the everyday to the more exotic. Whether you need whole fruits and vegetables or products that are prepped and ready to go, we have the perfect high-quality selections. Feeser’s partners with PROACT USA which provides us with a large network of sourcing options at competitive prices all year round.

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Seasonal Produce

More and more, customers are looking for seasonal produce offerings. Whether you’re a restaurant owner that wants to offer more farm-to-table options or a healthcare facility creating nutritious menus for patients, choosing produce that’s in-season ensures optimal freshness and flavor.

When you partner with Feeser’s, we can provide you with seasonal produce from local area farms. Our friendly sales team will work with you directly to help coordinate your menus with each season’s harvest of fruits and vegetables. Having what’s fresh and in-season in your kitchen will ensure you’re on the cutting edge of the culinary industry.

Prepared Produce Options

When your kitchen is hard at work, there’s not always time to prep the produce and ingredients you need for each dish. That’s why Feeser’s carries lightly prepped, ready-to-use, and pre-cut fruits and vegetables to help save you time and labor. Customize these pre-prepared options with different seasonal blends and mixes of your favorite fruits and vegetables. We also offer convenient pack sizes and smaller breaker quantities, allowing kitchens to buy just enough that they don’t have to worry about over-ordering or spoilage.

Specialty Produce

Explore our selection of specialty produce to pack your meals with flavor or add a finishing touch to your plate. If you need something unique, let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We offer a variety of specialty produce items, such as edible flowers, artichokes, microgreens and more.

While Feeser’s operates out of Central Pennsylvania, we’re proud to bring farm-fresh produce to businesses up and down the Mid-Atlantic. Infuse your kitchen with the best fruits and vegetables on the market. Contact Feeser’s today or give us a call at 1-800-326-2828 to find out more about our fresh produce program.

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