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Fresh Cut Meat Program

Your center of the plate dishes will have a little extra something with the high-quality meat selections brought to your door by Feeser’s Food Distributors.

We feature an extensive line of protein items, including beef, pork, and poultry.  If you need help choosing the right products for your Mid-Atlantic business, we’d be happy to lend our industry expertise to ensure you get only the freshest, choicest selections.

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Our Wholesale Offerings

Choose from premium protein offerings and custom cuts, including beef, chicken, pork, lamb, steak and so much more. Whether you want fresh, frozen, boxed, organic, all-natural, antibiotic-free, or dry-aged, we can supply it. In addition to quality products, our knowledgeable staff can offer advice and training on the latest products and trends.

Feeser’s offers the best local and national brands including:

  • Bell and Evans
  • IBP
  • Copper Creek Cattle Company
  • John F Martin and Sons
  • Kunzler
  • Hormel
  • Smithfield
  • Stoltzfus Meats and more
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Why Quality Meat Matters

When it comes to meat and poultry, quality is what matters most.  Partnering with Feeser’s means you’ll have access to quality proteins to ensure your customers get only the best.

At Feeser’s, we use the highest quality meats on the market. Our food distribution services include stringent quality assurance inspections to ensure the safety, integrity, and freshness of our protein products. We gladly follow the strictest USDA guidelines so you get a product you can be proud to serve.


Raw, ground, custom cut portions, pre-shaped burger patties, fresh-cut steaks, fresh burger, and more — let your Feeser’s meat specialists help you find the best options for your restaurant or foodservice facility. You can count on each beef selection to have premium quality with superior flavor and juiciness.


From delis to healthcare facilities, the right poultry options are a staple of your foodservice menu. We offer a wide selection of superior chicken, turkey, and other fowl. You can get whole birds, breasts, wings, thighs, and tenderloins as well as partially prepared or breaded options. We also offer farm fresh eggs sourced locally to ensure optimal quality and freshness.


Look to Feeser’s for a wide variety of pork options for your specific needs. Our pork products are known for their sweet flavor, marbling, and tenderness. We offer a variety of custom cuts, including diced, cubed, ground, chops, roasts, or value-added products.

Other Fresh and Frozen Meat Selections

From the ordinary to the extraordinary, you can rest assured that Feeser’s has all your protein needs covered. While we proudly supply your Pennsylvania area business with the usual offerings as well as lamb, duck, and veal products, we also have a wide variety of specialty meats to choose from. Check out our wild game program to provide your customers with a unique dining experience.

If you’re ready to maximize your profits, Feeser’s is here to help. We love our work and we believe it shows! Contact us today to find out more about our premium meat and poultry selections. Or give us a call at 1-800-326-2828 to speak with a friendly sales representative.

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