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Ethnic & Global Cuisine

Today, there is a greater demand for global flavors. While we specialize in broadline food distribution for your everyday essentials, we can also bring food products from around the world to your foodservice facility.

Globally, each country and region has its own blend of ingredients that give their dishes a distinctive taste. Whether you specialize in ethnic cuisine or you’re hoping to infuse your menu with some global flavors, Feeser’s is here to serve as your ethnic food supplier.

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A Variety of Ethnic Food Options

Asian & Indian

Asian inspired meals and Indian spices have been enticing westerners for centuries. From well-known Asian staples to unique offerings, Feeser’s has the products you need to curb your customers’ cravings for these exotic flavors. Get the homegrown and imported Asian and Indian products you need to create the most delicious meals.


Italian food evokes images of hearty dishes piled with delicious pasta, tangy sauce, familiar flavors, and warm comfort. Feeser’s offers an array of Italian brands, including domestic products and options imported from Italy. Get everything you need to create amazing Italian dishes, including cheese, olive oil, pasta, and more.

Mexican & South American

Mexican cuisine is now a staple in mainstream American dining. From unique tacos to mouthwatering queso, flavors you’d typically see south-of-the-border are some of the most popular meals at restaurants, diners, and other foodservice facilities across the country. Feeser’s offers quality products that capture the heritage of Mexican and Latin flavors.

Middle Eastern

If your customers are craving the spices and specialties of the Middle East, you can count on Feeser’s to get you the products you need. We carry a wide variety of high-quality Middle Eastern items, and we also offer Kosher and Halal certified brands.

Choose Feeser’s as Your Ethnic Food Distributor

Whether you’re looking for kitchen essentials, dry groceries, or ethnic and country-specific food, Feeser’s is your source for all the high-quality, wholesale products you need. Contact us today so we can learn how to serve the needs of your foodservice business better. Or, give us a call at 1-800-326-2828.