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Falafel served on a plate with fresh greens.

Kosher & Halal Foods

Food is an integral part of daily life. Some religions have food laws that carry a special significance for those who uphold these traditions. However, customers sometimes have difficulty finding food service establishments that meet the kosher food laws of Judaism and Islamic halal requirements.

Feeser’s Food Distributors connects food service businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region with all of your kosher and halal food needs. We’ve taken the time to understand the specific food laws of these religious groups so that we can deliver products these communities are sure to enjoy.

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What is Kosher?

Kosher food must not have any non-kosher ingredients, such as pork and shellfish. A kosher certification also indicates that meat and milk products are not mixed together, as well as several other requirements.

While those who ascribe to the Jewish faith often enjoy kosher food, other diners also appreciate the superior quality of these products. If you would like to stock your shelves with high-quality kosher ingredients or you want to provide kosher dishes to your local Jewish community, Feeser’s is the wholesale kosher meat, milk, and other ingredients supplier you can trust.

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What is Halal?

At Feeser’s, we bring a variety of wholesale halal products from both nationally and imported reliable sources as a supplier of halal food.

Halal means “permissible” in Arabic, and it signifies that these products are acceptable under Islamic food laws. Halal food must come from a permissible source, such as beef or chicken, and be slaughtered according to halal customs to receive this certification.

The halal products from Feeser’s give Muslim consumers peace of mind that what they’re eating lines up with their culture and beliefs.

Whether you run the commercial kitchen at a nursing home or a family-owned market, Feeser’s brings you the wholesale products you need to feed your community, no matter their religion or dietary requirements. Besides kosher and halal food items, we also have a huge selection of fresh and frozen meats, produce, dairy products, and everything else that keeps your kitchen running smoothly.

Contact Feeser’s today to find out how we can stock your shelves with high-quality products to feed your customers and community.  Give us a call at 1-800-326-2828 to speak with a friendly sales representative.