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Beverages & Equipment for Foodservice Businesses

When you need to stock your kitchen with the world’s top beverage brands and high-quality equipment, let Feeser’s lend a helping hand. In addition to providing various beverage options, we’re proud to bring more than 100 years of industry know-how to the table. Our experienced sales consultants will ensure you get all the drink selections you need at an excellent price for your budget. Our goal is to deliver a satisfying experience alongside your beverage products.

For over a century, Feeser’s has been a wholesale drinks supplier and coffee distributor for Mid-Atlantic businesses, large and small. Whether you offer catering services or are a kitchen manager for a large facility, we’ll help you source the finest coffee, tea, soft drinks, juices and alcoholic beverages from top local and national beverage brands. Our specialists source the refreshments and beverage equipment you need to prepare the tastiest and most nutritious drinks that quench your customers’ thirst.

Our Extensive Beverage Offerings

Feeser’s is a leading beverage wholesaler in Central Pennsylvania. Join our Central-PA-based beverage and coffee program so your customers always have a drink in hand. We have a huge range of offerings for food service businesses in every sector, including schools, health care facilities, mom-and-pop markets, restaurants, hotels, cafes, convenience stores, caterers, resorts, casinos and beyond.

Discover some of our most popular beverage offerings below and order your drinks in bulk today.

Coffee, Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

Feeser’s is proud to be one of the few independent wholesale coffee distributors serving Central Pennsylvania with its hot and iced coffee needs. From national brands to custom-brewed blends only available through Feeser’s, we offer a variety of full-bodied brews to satisfy all coffee enthusiasts. We slow-roast our beans to perfection, ensuring all our coffees are rich and flavorful.

Pair your coffee concoctions with locally sourced dairy products like flavored milk, cream and half-and-half to create creamy, delicious lattes, cappuccinos and macchiatos.

Iced Coffee and Cold Brew

Recently, iced coffee and cold brew concoctions have become staples in coffee shops and cafes. Keep ahead of the coffee curve by stocking your kitchen with Feeser’s finest cold coffee selections.

Whether you need whole bean coffee, ground coffee or coffee pods and cups, Feeser’s can deliver. Ask your Feeser’s sales representative about our impressive array of iced coffee and cold brew offerings.


Tea is more than just a coffee alternative — it’s the world’s most popular beverage. Feeser’s carries a variety of delicious teas, whether served iced or hot. Whether your customers love a refreshing glass of iced sweet tea or a piping cup of English breakfast tea with their morning croissants, we offer the finest-quality teas from local and national brands. We carry tea bags, loose-leaf tea and tea concentrates, depending on your needs.

We also supply other hot beverage offerings like hot chocolate.

Juice and Lemonade

From refreshing and healthy juice options to energizing nitrous drinks, we offer a full range of beverages for any time of day. Our 100% juice options are great for breakfast service or blending with cocktails. We also supply a refreshing assortment of lemonades and fruit juice concentrates.


Of course, your drink menu must include your customers’ favorite carbonated refreshment — soda. Feeser’s is a top soda distributor in the Mid-Atlantic region, so talk to your Feeser’s representative for a complete list of our soft drink offerings and prices. We stock various sodas and sparkling beverages, from carbonated water and seltzers to energy drinks and classic name-brand sodas.

Beer and Alcoholic Beverages

If your establishment is known for its signature cocktails and specialty alcoholic drinks, turn to Feeser’s. We carry many alcoholic beverages, including wine, liquors, spirits, beers and ales.

Plus, we make it easy to stock up on various flavorful drink mixes, syrups, cocktail bitters and concentrated flavors for your next cocktail or mocktail creation.

Beverage Equipment Services

The right equipment is essential if you’re looking to brew, dispense and serve hot and cold beverages. At Feeser’s Food Distributors, we’re proud to bring our customers the products they need to keep their busy food service facility running smoothly. We’re your one-stop shop for top-of-the-line beverage equipment and supplies.

Whether you’re looking to grind and brew high-quality coffee and fresh-brewed iced tea or need dispensing machines for your juices, teas and flavored waters, we provide a variety of beverage equipment and supplies to suit your needs.

Commercial Beverage Equipment and Supply Services

You can count on Feeser’s as your source for all the drink equipment you need. We’re proud to provide various commercial beverage equipment and supply services, including equipment for serving hot and cold drinks. We have everything you need, from juice and flavored water dispensers to commercial coffee and tea brewers.

Coffee, Tea and Hot Drink Equipment and Accessories

From grinding fresh coffee beans to pouring the perfect brew, many pieces of beverage equipment go into serving high-quality coffees, cappuccinos, teas and hot chocolates. Coffee and other hot drinks are a huge profit center for many food service facilities. Feeser’s has everything you need, from commercial brewers to warmers and hot beverage dispensers.

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Why Partner With Feeser’s to Supply Your Beverages and Beverage Equipment?

For over a century, Feeser’s has provided Mid-Atlantic foodservice businesses with their wholesale beverage distribution needs. Learn about what sets us apart for our customers:

  • Sustainable practices: Buying your beverages wholesale ensures an all-in-one delivery that is sound for the environment and your bottom line. Plus, we’re proud to pioneer sustainable business practices that reduce the food industry’s carbon footprint, such as using renewable energy sources to deliver products.
  • Personalized service: When you want to work with a reliable, personable beverage supplier that knows your industry inside out, turn to Feeser’s. Our customers are our priority, and we consistently go above and beyond to understand your needs and supply specialty drink items that set your drink menus apart.
  • Industry expertise: Our industry specialists keep up to date on market research to source the currently trending and most cost-effective beverage products that keep your menus affordable, versatile and inclusive. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll do our best to bring it to your table.

Contact Feeser’s to Learn About Our Beverages and Beverage Equipment Services in Central PA

At Feeser’s, we’re proud to offer an eclectic mix of wholesale hot and cold drink products that liven up your beverage menus. Whether you operate a restaurant, cafe, convenience store, concession stand or another type of foodservice business, our specialists are on standby to help you select the best beverage products for your unique needs.

If you’d like to learn more about our Mid-Atlantic beverage offerings and commercial beverage equipment services, call us at 1-800-326-2828 or contact Feeser’s today. We’re happy to outfit you with everything you need to establish a quality drink program at your foodservice facility.