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Comet Professional Cleaner w/Bleach RTU Bottle w/Foil Seal 3-30 8/32 oz

Item Description

Comet Professional Cleaner w/Bleach RTU Bottle w/Foil Seal 3-30 8/32 oz
Nonabrasive liquid chlorine bleach spray formula is effective on tough kitchen and bathroom soils. Kitchen cleaner spray bleaches food stains on countertops, tables and cutting boards. Surfactant Bleach formula has two short-chain surfactants that act like solvents to cut through grease and other soils. May be used to clean baked-on grease stains.
Comet Cleaner with Bleach spray is a unique two-in-one all purpose cleaner that combines the cleaning power of heavy-duty detergents with the stain-removal power of bleach. Comet Cleaner with Bleach contains patented cleaning technologies and no abrasives to clean the full range of tough kitchen and restroom soils like tracked-in dirt and scuffmarks. Task areas include customer and employee restroom surfaces, kitchens, the inside and outside of plastic trash containers, and greasy equipment containers.

Where to Buy

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Item Information

  • Feeser’s Number: 243702
  • Brand: Comet Professional
  • Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble Distributing Co.
  • Pack: 8
  • Size: 32 OZ
  • Storage Type: Dry
  • Sell Sheet

Country of Origin

  • US
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