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10 Unique Ice Cream Flavors

10 Unique Ice Cream Flavors

Is dessert your favorite part of any meal?

Could you have ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you might qualify as an ice cream fanatic! Chances are, you’ve tried just about every ice cream flavor under the sun no matter what season it is.

For those of us who scream for ice cream, sometimes plain vanilla just doesn’t cut it — we crave something a bit more exciting. You can satisfy your sweet tooth and your adventurous side by trying different ice cream flavors full of creative, saucy swirls and outside-the-box mix-ins. Discover where you can find ice cream flavors that are full of sugary, colorful, crunchy and delightful surprises.

10 Unique Ice Cream Flavors You Have to Try

If you’re an adventurous dessert lover, check out these top 10 creative ice cream flavors:

1. The Experience

Loaded with half-baked aronia berry brownies, The Experience is an ice cream flavor you have to taste to believe. This bold flavor from Sisters of Anarchy features a smooth aronia berry ice cream base with chunks of ooey-gooey brownie pieces. The expert blend of rich brownie with bright aronia berries makes this ice cream a delectable frozen version of chocolate-covered berries. One thing’s for certain — this extreme ice cream flavor is an experience you don’t want to miss. And their website is just plain fun – be sure to check out their theme song.

2. Ancho Chocolate

Want a dash of spice with your sweet? A heaping serving of Ancho Chocolate ice cream is the perfect dessert for you. This striking ice cream flavor on local favorite  Urban Churn’s rotating menu includes Ancho chili pepper and cinnamon folded into a delicious chocolate base. The pop of Ancho chili pepper is exactly what the bittersweet chocolate needs to balance out its rich taste. Next time you need a little heat with your frozen treat, scoop yourself a cone or bowl of Ancho Chocolate or check out another delicious flavor from Urban Churn.

3. Double Dunker

Coffee and cookie lovers rejoice — Double Dunker combines the best of both worlds! This original from our friends at  Turkey Hill starts with a creamy mocha base and swirls in chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and ribbons of chocolate cookie pieces. The perfect bite consists of crunchy chocolate cookie crumble, chewy cookie dough and creamy coffee ice cream. Whether you like dunking your cookies in coffee or not, you’ll love this creative frozen mash-up.

4. Banana Pudding

Give your ice cream a Southern makeover by opting for a bowl of Banana Pudding ice cream. Hershey’s Banana Pudding ice cream contains all the ingredients of the iconic dessert, including fluffy marshmallow swirls and crunchy vanilla wafer cookies. With a delicious banana ice cream base, this creative ice cream flavor forms a masterpiece that’s just as light and refreshing as the dessert that inspired it. On the next hot summer day, swap out your bowl of banana pudding for a dish of Banana Pudding ice cream.

5. Monster Cookie Mash

If you love the sweet peanut buttery taste of monster cookies, you won’t be able to get enough of Monster Cookie Mash ice cream. Starting with an irresistible peanut butter frozen dessert base, Blue Bunny perfects its Monster Cookie Mash flavor by pouring in pieces of monster cookie dough and fudge. These sugary gobs of cookie dough and rich chunks of fudge work together with the slightly salty peanut butter base to give you one giant bowl of chewy, chocolatey deliciousness.

6. Create Your Own Flavor

What could be more unique than creating your own ice cream flavor? For those who love weird ice cream flavors, the Turkey Hill Experience offers the chance to dream up the wackiest ice cream flavor imaginable. You can come up with your unique ice cream flavor virtually, then bring your creation to life in the Turkey Hill test lab. In the test lab, you’ll get to tinker with your flavor’s recipe until you come up with the precise proportions of mix-ins, toppings and swirls for maximum tastiness.

7. Spiced Rose Chip

For any herbal fans, Spiced Rose Chip is sure to become your new favorite ice cream flavor. Brought to you on a rotation from Urban Churn, Spiced Rose Chip ice cream includes all the great tastes of cinnamon, cardamom and rose. These delicate and flowery flavors are given a bit of texture by mixing in some mini chocolate chips. One spoonful of this luscious flavor and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to your own personal spa day.

8. Beefy Blonde

When considering different ice cream flavors, how could Beefy Blonde not immediately catch your eye? This stand-out flavor from Sisters of Anarchy is dedicated to strong, athletic women — such as Lindsay Vaughn, Sister Lily and Kendall Coyne — who love a good breakfast ice cream. Like these women, this ice cream packs a punch with the powerful flavors of maple, blueberry and bacon. Start your day off right with this delightfully sweet and salty frozen treasure.

9. Cookie, Candies, Brownies

If you’re all about the desserts, why not combine them all into one mega-dessert? Cookie, Candies, Brownies ice cream from Blue Bunny does just that! This sugary sensation starts with a cookie dough flavored base, then adds in mini chocolate chips, brownie bits and cookie dough pieces. As if that wasn’t enough to satisfy your sweet tooth, the ice cream is finished with swirls of caramel and fudge. Choose this ice cream if you’re ready to indulge in your wildest dessert dreams.

10. Cookie Butter

Calling all cookie butter lovers! If cookie butter is your favorite snack time spread, this Cookie Butter ice cream flavor from Hershey’s Ice Cream will blow your mind. Featuring a spiced ice cream base with crushed cookie swirls and cinnamon graham chunks, this flavor is the flawless frozen version of your favorite sweet treat. Just like eating cookie butter straight from the jar, digging into a pint of this ice cream is sure to put a smile on your face.

Ice Cream at Feeser’s

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