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This Food is Outta Here!

This Food is Outta Here!

Best Ballpark Foods in the Mid-Atlantic

Mouthwatering, one-of-a-kind foods are a staple of Major League Baseball (MLB) stadiums. Each ballpark has delectable offerings unique to its location, giving spectators a taste of hometown favorites.

What are some of the best MLB stadium food options? Here are top choices at MLB stadiums in the mid-Atlantic:

The Donut Burger at Citizens Bank Park

If you’re at Citizens Bank Park for a Philadelphia Phillies game, stop by Boardwalk Eats for a donut burger. This ultra-indulgent creation consists of a juicy burger patty sandwiched between two glazed donuts and topped with crispy Applewood bacon, spicy cherry pepper jam and American cheese. And if we are talking about donuts in the City of Brotherly Love, then we have to give a shout out to Federal Donuts. Founded by the same guys who opened Zahev, Federal Donuts is a dream come true with crispy fried chicken and warm donuts. While the donuts come basic to fancy, we recommend their classic Cinnamon Brown Sugar.

Citizens Bank Park Roy Halladay No-hitter

Philadelphia has a lasting love affair with deep-fried dough that dates back to the 17th century. Pennsylvania Dutch settlers invented an early version of the modern donut. Today, restaurants throughout Philadelphia incorporate the sweet treat on their menu, and local burger joints have embraced donuts as a decadent alternative to traditional buns.

We can’t forget our friends, The Fightin Phils in Reading, PA. Feeser’s is proud to be the food supplier to the AA Affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies and to partner up with Reading local favorite, Berks, to deliver the fan favorite food item at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Berks Hot Dog has been a part of the stadium’s history since 1950 where fans enjoy the Berks Packing Hot Dog cooked specially on flat top grills.

Hot Dog, baseball, beer and peanuts at the ballgame

The Primanti Bros. Sandwich at PNC Park

While you enjoy a Pittsburgh Pirates game at PNC Park, take the opportunity to experience a classic Pittsburgh sandwich from Primanti Bros. Piled high with deli meats and cheese, this signature creation features fresh-cut french fries piled atop the sandwich.

According to the Primanti family, this sandwich came about one winter in the mid-1930s when a trucker with an abundance of potatoes stopped in for a sandwich. A Primanti cousin working at the shop decided to fry up some of the trucker’s extra potatoes. When customers asked to try the fries, he tossed some on a sandwich. The combination became an instant hit, especially with truckers who could now eat their entire meal with one hand while driving with the other. Since then, the sandwich has remained a local favorite and game day staple.

A sandwich isn’t the only thing Pittsburghians like their fries on. The Pittsburgh Steak Salad is another dish from the Steel City that features crispy fries, cheddar cheese, and on top of a steak salad. It’s especially tasty served with parmesan peppercorn dressing.

The Half-Smoke at Nationals Park

Washington Nationals fans know that one of the best baseball stadium foods is the half-smoke from Ben’s Chili Bowl. This sausage dish hasNatitude as Washington D.C.’s bigger, spicier take on a hot dog.

Half-smoke sausage with chili on a grilled bun

It’s unclear who invented the half-smoke or what “half” means. Some people think it refers to the fact that many sausages are half-pork, half-beef, while others believe it’s because the chefs at Ben’s Chili Bowl traditionally split the sausage down the middle before they grill it. Most people agree that enjoying a half-smoke during an MLB game makes the experience that much better, if not a little messy.

Crab Cakes at Camden Yards

If you’re going to a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards, try the city’s most famous snack, sandwich, and entree: crab cakes. Harris Creek Oyster Co. offers jumbo lump crab cakes that fans love straight from Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Maryland jumbo Crab Cake Sandwich and Fries

Crab cakes originated in Maryland, where the crabbing industry thrives, thanks to its proximity to the Chesapeake Bay. The recipe for “Baltimore Crab Cakes” gained national circulation with its inclusion in Crosby Gaige’s “New York World’s Fair Cook Book” in the 1930s. Since then, the crab cake has remained a distinctive Baltimore dish.

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