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Happy National Oreo Cookie Day! 

On March 6 we celebrate the delicious cookie that is globally loved! Want to start a heated conversation over dessert? Use this question  

“What is the proper way to eat an Oreo cookie?” 

There are countless opinions about how to eat an Oreo, and everyone believes that their way is the best way.  We conducted a poll to see how people ate their Oreos. 

5 best ways to eat


  • 10% only eat the cookies and throw away the cream,
  • 16% only eat the cream and throw away the cookie,
  • 23% twist apart the Oreo and eat it,
  • 33% Dunk it in milk,
  • And 16% eat the whole row or Oreos in one sitting


Aside from the iconic design and constant conversation about how to eat an Oreo, they are one of the best cookies to serve for any occasion. They can be used as a snack, dessert, or an ice cream topping! The highest ranked and best-known Oreos are the Double Stuffed Oreos, the delicious cookie with double the frosting in the middle. A close second ranking is the Cinnamon Bun Oreo. Each year, over 40 Billion Oreos are made in factories all over the world. These cookies are enjoyed in over 100 different countries 

Oreos even have a street named after them. “Oreo Way” is in the heart of New York City. “Oreo Way” earned its name because it was the birthplace of the Oreo. In a Nabisco Bakery in 1912, the first Oreo was made. Originally, they were created to compete with the popular animal cookies at the time. These Oreos were sold for 20 cents a pound and placed in a metal tin when purchased.    

Over the years, hundreds of different Oreo flavors have been created. Some unique limited editions are the Fruity Crisp OreoOreo Limeade, Oreo Caramel Apple, and even the Pumpkin Spice Oreo Currently, the hot limited-edition Oreos are the Lady Gaga Oreos. These multicolored Oreos areChromatica themed, which is Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album. They are pink cookies with green icing, look spectacular, and the Lady Gaga Oreos are vegan.

Actually, all Oreos are considered Vegan. Additionally, Oreos recently released a gluten– free OreoWhen the gluten-free Oreos were released in January of 2021, social media exploded with tons of people who were gluten-free posting their reactions to their first Oreo. The Oreo never disappointed and most of the videos were concluded with big smiles and gratitude to Oreo for including them.  

Feeser’s carries many Nabisco and Mondelez products. For information or to order Oreo products, contact our Sales Team at 717.564.4636 or click here to become a customer.

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