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Benefits of Online Ordering for Your Restaurant

Benefits of Online Ordering for Your Restaurant

Restaurants nowadays have more options than ever before when serving customers. The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example of this. With little to no face-to-face interaction or in-house dining, restaurants had to be resourceful to stay in business.

Online ordering became the best solution. It has opened businesses to more possibilities for selling and marketing their food. For this reason, many restaurants continued online ordering services post-COVID-19 lockdowns.

By harnessing the benefits of online ordering, businesses then and now add value to their customers and businesses.

Should My Restaurant Offer Online Ordering?

Online ordering can offer your restaurant and customers convenience, increased efficiency and revenue. Do you know that 33% of customers will pay higher fees for quicker delivery times? That’s why capitalizing on online ordering and delivery services is vital. If you meet customers’ demands for more efficient food delivery services, your restaurant can become more reputable and sought after.

It also encourages your business to be more efficient, organized and productive to maintain your quality of service and credibility. With a focus on better standards, productivity and customer satisfaction, you can attract more customers and have a higher turnover.

Online vs. Phone Ordering for Restaurants

For many years, phone orders were one of the primary modes of ordering restaurant food. While this method still exists, many restaurants are phasing it out for online ordering solutions. Phone orders have many drawbacks like human error, long wait times and connectivity issues. Online ordering offers solutions to those limitations for both restaurants and consumers.

Benefits of Online Ordering for Restaurants

Consider the benefits of online ordering for your restaurant:

1. Seamless Ordering Process

You can refine the ordering process and limit tasks like having someone answer a phone and write customers’ names and numbers down in a notepad. This process can be time-consuming and increase the risk of human errors like misplacing order information.

With an online platform, you can establish a seamless ordering process that includes everything from the menu selection, add-ons and dietary restrictions to checkout and delivery details. This way, your kitchen gets orders faster and more accurately, helping increase productivity.

2. Serve More Customers

Online ordering services limit time-consuming phone calls that could cause you to lose customers. Suppose something on your menu is unavailable — instead of keeping customers on hold and checking with the kitchen for alternatives, you can update your menu online to notify customers of menu changes beforehand. Ultimately, you spend less time holding up valuable business on phone queues and have more availability to take new orders and maximize daily profits.

3. Order Accuracy

Human-related errors like misinterpreting a customer’s order can create unhappy customers and affect your reputation. Online apps put customers in charge of their orders so that your kitchen can prepare the meal the customer wants and expects. This can help you improve your customer service reputation and avoid poor reviews and loss of business.

4. Customer Data Tracking

Using an online ordering platform, you can track metrics like customer behaviors, spending habits, meal preferences and favorite meals with a built-in system. Using this data, you can show customer unique meal recommendations based on their previous activity. Providing a customized user experience can make customer’s ordering more convenient, helping you retain and build a loyal customer base.

5. Payment Ahead of Time

Unlike phone orders, online platforms guarantee payment for food. Phone orders are a gamble, and there’s no way of knowing if someone will come to collect and pay for their food. Preparing meals for customers who never turn up causes a loss in productivity, supplies and money. Online platforms mitigate this risk by prompting customers to pay for their orders before delivery or pickup. If someone is not at their specified location at the time of delivery or is unavailable, you have peace of mind that their order is paid for.

6. Affordable Marketing Solution

One of the best perks of online ordering is it offers a sales and marketing feature. If the customer has eaten at your restaurant in-house, they might not have seen all the menu options. You can notify them about new meals, specials and discounts by giving them a full menu selection. It’s an excellent and affordable way to market, sell new products or specials and promote your restaurant.

7. Update on Food Prep and Arrivals

You can offer your customers excellent customer service with an ordering app. Online delivery helps communicate food prep and delivery estimates. Customers appreciate it when you keep them updated on their order status. It helps them plan and know what to expect. It also provides a more convenient way of communicating delays rather than phoning a customer with each update.

8. Quick Meal Prep Time

Knowing customer preferences provides a better idea of what kinds of ingredients your kitchen should prep beforehand. This way, when a customer orders, you can speed up the cooking times. An order time and delivery estimate also helps you prioritize quicker meal preparation, improving turnover and service.

9. Higher Revenue

Unlike standing in a queue, customers have more time to decide on their meal choices. Phone calls and in-store orders can make customers feel rushed, especially if they are waiting to place their order. With an online app, customers have more time to browse the menu, meaning they’re more likely to spend and get that extra item. They can also take their time to place orders for family and friends, increasing their spending.

10. Competitive Advantage

Do you know online food ordering has grown 300% in the last decade or so? More restaurants are signing up for an online ordering system. Eventually, an ordering platform will be a must rather than a maybe. An online food ordering platform can help you stay ahead of the market and your competition.

How Food Distribution Enhances Online Ordering

Food distribution helps streamline online ordering services. With an online ordering platform, orders can come in quickly and all at once. You must ensure you can keep up with the demand. Food distribution is an excellent solution for keeping your fridges and pantries stocked and helping you stay efficient and competitive.

Food distributors have bulk products from multiple brands and outlets, so you have immediate availability and freedom of choice when getting your ingredients and supplies. Distributors can also offer market-value product prices, helping you save on overhead costs. They also have online ordering and delivery services, ensuring you have your stock when needed.

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