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Online Order Entry Branding Update

Online Order Entry Branding Update

Our Online Ordering is about to get a new look. These changes will bring our ordering in line with our brand standards. While functionality will largely remain the same, the visual display across the interface will be updated to give more ease of use. A few things you will immediately notice are more pronounced action buttons, well-defined table headers and an enhanced color scheme. These changes will help you navigate the different sections, leading to a better experience for you.

Below are samples showing some of these changes.

Order Entry Branding Current vs New

For those that have access to “Commodity Shielded” and “Net Off Invoice (NOI)” information, you will notice an enhanced layout to improve the presentation and easier navigation.

Order Entry Branding Current vs New (Recipient Agency)

Look for these changes on February, 23rd, 2021. We hope you enjoy this better experience. If you have any questions about these changes, please refer to your Feeser’s representative.