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Menu Planning for a Healthy 2024

Menu Planning for a Healthy 2024

A table full of green vegetables.

2024 is welcoming healthy lifestyles and significant changes. As the new year settles in, people are going to be looking for ways to improve and revive their resolutions, many of which will involve losing weight, eating better and developing a better relationship with food.

As your business prepares to meet your customers’ needs and adjust your menu to offer high-quality dishes, it helps to know the upcoming trends in the food industry. Whether you provide a catering service, own a restaurant or want to stand out in the food industry, these ideas can help satisfy your guests. Check out these food and restaurant trends for 2024 to learn more.

Ways to Change the Menu Structure

Before changing the food you offer, you can make some quick changes to your menu structure. These simple adjustments can encourage your customers to make more conscious decisions about the food they eat. Customers will appreciate your efforts to deliver high-quality meals that taste as good as they look.

Consider these healthy menu ideas to change up your menu structure:

  • Create a menu key with symbols: You can encourage your guests to make healthier substitutions by placing symbols next to dishes with nutritious alternatives. A small grill can mean you can grill ingredients like chicken, fish and patties rather than deep-frying or sauteing them. A grain symbol can encourage guests to swap white flour bread for whole grain substitutes. And a leaf symbol can let guests know you can make dishes into vegetarian meals.
  • Offer lunch sizes: Many restaurants and food businesses offer lunch portions during midday hours. Offering these same portions during breakfast or dinner hours can help your customers eat lighter. Offer half-sized portions of your large dinner meals to satisfy your guests and reduce your food waste.
  • Show the calorie count: With many people trying to live healthier lifestyles, your guests could benefit from knowing the number of calories in every dish. Rather than guessing your ingredients and debating between multiple meals, customers can choose the best fit for their diet by comparing the calories to the portion sizes and food offerings.

Healthy Food Menu Ideas

Crafting a healthy menu can be easy. Make simple changes to your recipes and find quick alternatives to some of the most common food items to create healthier meals. You can continue offering your time-tested menu classics while adding new ingredients or swapping some for better alternatives to please your guests.

Some of the best changes you can make to your menu are simple. Try these ideas:

  • Use better oils: Opt for healthier oils like olive and avocado in your cooking methods and recipes. Give your customers the option to sub in these oils
  • Swap to Greek yogurt: Many dishes that call for sour cream can use Greek yogurt instead. Plain yogurt can make a variety of other sauces like ranch dressing, Caesar dressing and creamy lemon dressing. You can also swap out ricotta cheese with cottage cheese for healthier versions of lasagna.
  • Reduce salt: Many restaurant dishes have high sodium counts. Rather than salting food, allow your guests to add salt as they see fit. You can also substitute some ingredients, like soy sauce, with low-sodium options. To keep your dishes flavorful while cutting down on salt, add in plenty of herbs and other produce.
  • Find natural fruit juices: When crafting cocktails or topping a savory dish, use natural extracts and real fruit juice rather than bottles or cartons of juice. Switch to fresh lemon when preparing sauces, baking dishes and completing desserts, for instance.

Plant-Based Trends for 2024

Trying some of the best plant-based trends is an excellent way to provide healthy meals while drawing in the vegan and vegetarian crowd. By adding new flavors and finding new recipes, you can craft delicious and nutritious meals that resemble fan favorites while keeping your customers full and satisfied.

Plants can create delicious and nutritious meals. Here are some easy plant-based menu ideas you can offer:

  • Use gluten-free pizza crusts with cauliflower and broccoli.
  • Find plant-based cheese to top your dishes.
  • Swap meat with tofu.
  • Create flavorful spreads with egg-free mayo.
  • Offer veggie burgers rather than beef or chicken.
  • Fill Mexican dishes with plant-based chorizo.
  • Top pizzas with veggies and spices rather than meat.
  • Appeal to kids with plant-based chicken tenders.
  • Substitute cow milk for almond, soy and oat milk.
  • Offer rich and flavorful veggie soups.

Healthy Catering Menu Ideas

Large events can easily be a time for many people to reach for a lot of food they typically wouldn’t eat in one sitting. You can step up your catering game by offering healthy options that your customers love while adding more nutritional benefits. With the emerging gluten-free needs, vegan, vegetarian, paleo and keto diets, offering a healthy menu can better fill your customer’s plates.

Incorporate some of these healthy catering ideas into your menu:

  • Fresh veggies with mild sauces such as hummus or Greek yogurt
  • Veggie burger sliders on whole grain buns
  • Smoked or grilled salmon
  • Fresh fruit cut with intricate designs
  • Baked kale chips as a substitute for fries
  • Frozen smoothies or sorbet instead of ice cream
  • Sushi vegetable rolls
  • Vegetable and fruit skewers
  • Fruit and ice cream shots
  • Chicken or turkey wraps
  • Wrapped asparagus instead of pigs in a blanket
  • Stuffed peppers
  • Stuffed mushrooms
  • Coconut and almond popsicles

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